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The best property investment choice you can make is when you profit from it even before you buy!

Easy—With in-depth knowledge of the Newcastle and Hunter area from a property investment perspective, Select Property Finder can give you the specific property data, analysis and recommendations that you need. It will be a worry-free process for you.

Select Property Finder is — Your Smart and Easy Way to buy Property.

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Save time, money and worry. Rely on Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s Specialist Property Buyer’s Agency. Select Property Finder offers you a personalised service to research and locate suitable property and to negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Smart—Save yourself a lot of time, money and effort in the search process and be confident that your property choice is a sound investment.

If you are searching for the ideal investment property that you can hold for the long term or need help with a renovation or development, or you are simply looking for your dream home for you and your family, you know that searching for property can be a time consuming and arduous task, not to mention the stress involved in having to negotiate with overpowering sales people. Looking for property on your own can use up enormous energy reserves, take up your leisure time and sometimes after months of searching, you are still unsure of whether the property is a good deal. Or even worse, the property may be sold before you can investigate it or view the property. This can be a daunting experience.

As a buyer, you may have already experienced the long-winded hours searching websites, speaking to numerous agents and going to open for inspection’s, only to realise that the property you had your heart set on is not really what suits your needs or your budget. Then it’s back to the drawing board to start the process all over again.  As an investor or home owner, you want to be assured that your property will perform satisfactorily in both the short and longer term. Selecting the right property initially can make the difference between an average performer and a long term investment that really shines.

Select Property Finder, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley’s Specialist Property Buyer’s Agency, offers you a personalised service to research and locate suitable property and to negotiate the purchase on your behalf.

Founder and Principal, Judith Taylor, a well respected property educator, speaker and author has extensive property education and investment experience across Australia and overseas. With her own focus on the Newcastle and Hunter Valley area, Judith has many years of personal experience in property research, negotiation, investment and renovation specifically in the Newcastle and Hunter region.

Judith will represent you as the buyer, during the entire process, from the initial consultation all the way through to settlement.

You do not need to deal directly with Real Estate Agents.

With a focus on the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region, Select Property Finder will personally work with you to:

  • Save you precious time and effort in researching and finding appropriate property in the shortest possible time.
  • Save you stress and money by relying on experience and negotiating skills to achieve the best terms and conditions as well as the lowest possible price on your behalf.
  • Make available to you properties which you would not know about:
    • Properties that are not with a listed agent.
    • Properties that have better than average investment attributes or future potential.
    • Properties owned by highly motivated sellers.
    • Details about the Property before it is listed on the website

Rather than showing you a broad range of properties, Select Property Finder will work closely with you to establish your preference and budget, do the research and only present to you properties that suit your individual needs and that have been identified as having good investment potential. Once you are happy with your choice, negotiation will proceed on your behalf to secure the property at the lowest possible price.

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