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How We Do It

Select Property Finder is your smart and easy way to buying property. With 13 stress-free steps, you can have the ideal property of your dreams. Here’s how we do it:

1.     Initial Consultation

During a personal consultation, your needs and expectations will be discussed from a property investment or home owner perspective. Your long term investment plan will be discussed and a checklist completed of your preferences. You may consider the type of property that you prefer, such as house, unit, duplex, townhouse, villa, Torrens Title or Strata and your preferred location, such as area or suburb, proximity to beach, park, shops and transport.

Select Property Finder will give an undertaking to work with you on an individual basis and to locate, evaluate and present properties which meet your criteria and preferences, determined from the initial discussion. You will be asked to sign a Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, to enable you to be provided with confidential property information.

This is all about you. Meeting your expectations and fulfilling your needs are the most important aspects in the whole process of purchasing a property. 

2.     Agreed to Proceed

To proceed with Select Property Finder representing you as a buyer, a Buyers Agency Agreement, endorsed by the Real Estate Institute of NSW, will be signed by both parties and an up-front Registration Fee is payable. This fee covers setting up costs, agreement costs, searches, property analysis, evaluation, reporting and communication. The Registration Fee is not refundable, however the full amount will be deducted from the completion fee.

At this stage, you can now sit back and relax.  We will do it the smart and easy way.

3.     Search

Potential properties will be located and researched based on your nominated criteria. The search will include median prices, rental yield, vacancy rates, growth potential and demographics.

4.    Analysis and Selection

Specific properties will then be individually analysed and evaluated in terms of the type of dwelling, construction, condition, size, land dimensions, zoning, conditions that may affect the land or use of the land, rental potential and Comparative Market Analysis. Properties will only be selected based on your criteria and preferences and which also measure up as having good investment potential.

5.     Brief

You will be presented with a brief of the property, including area description, characteristics of the property and rental potential.

6.    Inspection

Depending on your geograpical location, you may wish to inspect the property, and further feedback and discussion can be provided on site.

7.     Report

If you wish to further consider the property, you will be provided with a full report which will contain:

  • Overview of the area
  • Infrastructure in the area
  • Statistical data
  • Demographics
  • Population
  • Median house /unit prices
  • Growth
  • Vacancy rates
  • Property description, construction and condition
  • Land description, size, zoning, diagrams and considerations
  • Current rent / potential rent
  • Comparative Market Analysis including previous sales and on the market properties in the area which will assist in determining the price to offer
  • Rent returns
  • Asking price
  • Overview of the property from an investment perspective
  • Recommendations

8.     Negotiation

Once you are happy with your property choice, negotiation will be undertaken on your behalf to secure the property for you at the lowest possible price, with terms and conditions to suit your needs. You will be kept informed of all negotiations and discussions with the agent &/or seller during the process. Each property agent and varibles are different. The negotiation strategy will be determined on an individual basis.

9.     Settlement

Once offer and acceptance has been achieved, the contracts will be forwarded to your solicitor. Pest and Building Inspections are recommended for all purchases. These reports are forwarded to you and your solicitor; however each report will be interpreted by Select Property Finder on request. During the settlement period, liaison with both solicitors will be maintained to ensure that any potential complications are attended to promptly. The purchase process will be overseen on your behalf, including final inpection of the property right through to settlement. For rental properties guidence will be providable to help you gain a tenant for the property in the shortest amount of time possible. 

Please note: all external consultancy fees are at the client’s expense.

10.   Additional Services Coordination

Select Property Finder can coordinate on your behalf or provide you with property management in the area for tradesmen, town planning, surveyors, valuers, depreciation schedules and any other associated property services.

Please note: all external consultancy fees are at the client’s expense.

11.   Value Adding Options

Select Property Finder is happy to discuss with you ideas for adding value to the property and/or increasing the rent, such as cosmetic renovation, adding a room under the roofline, granny flats, furnished accommodation, student accommodation, subdivision and development.

12.   Project Management

Project management can be arranged for cosmetic renovation, full renovation, extensions, granny flats, DA proposals and processes, Development Project Management or any future value adding to the property. Costs for Project Management would be determined and quoted on an individual basis.

13.   Auction Representation

Should a property be selected that is being sold under auction conditions, pre-purchase inspection, auction attendance, bidding and any post auction negotiation can be undertaken on your behalf. An additional fixed fee will apply.

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