Helping you sell your property.

The Smart and Easy Way to Sell

Once you decide to sell your property, it can be a gruelling task to select a reliable selling agent.  Not to mention time consuming and sometimes difficult to compare the differences between agents, so that you find the right one for you.

 A Sellers Advocate also known as a vendors advocate is someone who acts on behalf of the seller (vendor) in relation to the sale of their property – they are not the real estate agent but an independent agent who acts exclusively for the seller of a property.

Select Property Finder offers a Sellers Advocate Service for FREE

  • In fact no cost to you at all for this service
  • The real estate agent charges his usual fee for selling the property and from that fee pays a referral to Select Property Finder

How We Do It

Select Property Finder is your smart and easy way to selling your property. With 12 stress-free steps, you can sell your property without the added pressure of dealing directly with an agent. So what's included in Select Property Finders Advocate Services:

  • Discussion with you, the seller as to an overview of the property, your expectations for the sale of the property and any reservations you may have with regard to dealing with Real Estate Agents
  • A written market appraisal of the property will be provided for you including local comparable sales and current listings to establish a market value range 
  • A selection of agents will be made on your behalf based on their integrity and results achieved for the location or style of the property
  • The agents will be given a brief comprising details of the property and will be asked to respond with an appraisal of selling price, advertising, method of marketing, their costs associated with the sale, experience within the industry and why they should be considered to act on your behalf
  • Each proposal will be overviewed and comparison made of service offered and commission fees 
  • The proposals from each agent will be presented to you in a format that will make evaluation and selection easier for you
  • Consideration with be given to the recommended method of sale – auction or private treaty 
  • Once an agent is selected, the agent will be invited to view the property, make any further suggestions and provide input regarding any adjustments to the proposed method of sale and the marketing campaign
  • Once the sales contract conditions are agreed on you will sign an agency agreement with the chosen selling agent
  • Feedback will be obtained for you during the sales campaign
  • Offers made on the property can be reviewed and discussed directly with you, with the aim of achieving the best selling price and conditions on the sale of the property
  • Select Property Finder has no affiliation with selling agents, and although we do the research for you the final choice is ultimately in your hands.

So how is this service free?

The agent will charge you their normal selling fee and as per their proposal.  Our fee is paid as a referral fee from the agent that you choose and is only payable once the property is sold.  The Sellers Advocacy service costs nothing to the seller.  However, delivers a selection of agents who  provide a proposal of their best strategy for the sale of your home, saving you time and stress.

 It allows you to assess and compare the merits of the agents, in your own time, and make the right choice for you without feeling stressed or pressured.

As your selling advocate you will receive support as well as independent guidance and ongoing communication during the sales process.

If you would like to learn more about this service and ask additional questions please contact

Judith Taylor at or by phoning her on 0417 204 475.